What Is Flash And How Does It Work?

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Article by David Gordon; Web Designer, Internet Marketing Expert and CEO, www.naaip.org

Ever go to a website that looked professional and hi-tech? Did icons move, animate, and make sounds when clicked? Ever see one of those funny online cartoons? We have, then we have had the privilege of seeing flash image in action. Flash is a software product that we use to design and deliver presentations and websites.


Flash has helped website designers around the world create visually appealing websites that cous alive when accessed. Furthermore, much of the greatest online political satire today has been made using Flash technology. Macromedia Flash has changed the web and allowed designers to create sites they were previously unable to make with easy HTML code.

Currently, Flash players can be found in over 80% of computers around the world. Many huge, global firms make use of flash on their home pages. Some of these websites are enhanced by the unique ability Flash has to stream audio while animating and responding to action.


The software product supports vectors, pictures, and ActionScript, which make it highly versatile in use. With the correct knowledge, creating a movie or website with Flash is considered to be fairly easy. Many Flash users maintain that Flash websites are substantially superior to websites backed by old-fashioned HTML code. Additionally, Internet users simply browsing the web maintain that Flash websites are often more exciting and more interesting to visit than HTML websites.

Macromedia Flash can do a few very amazing things. As a result, many may have the perception that Flash has extreusly complicated inner-workings that only the best and brightest in civilization could ever understand and subsequently master. This way of thinking could not be further from the truth. Flash websites, images, etc. are all created utilizing a language called ActionScript. Like almost any language, ActionScript can be complicated to learn at first.

However, with a little determination, almost anyone can master the mechanism of ActionScript and start to make beautiful Flash enabled movies and websites.

Flash files are saved with a .swf extension. SWF stands for Small Web File. A few users of ActionScript have complained about the secrecy of their source code because the .swf file format can be decompiled rather easily.

ActionScript was first utilized on Flash Player 2. Naturally, as technology had progressed, the code has becous more advanced and can now accomplish more tasks. Macromedia Flash has been around since 1997 and has changed the face of the web community. Deciding to utilize Flash in sites is the first step to making a good website that will impress almost anyone.

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