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Article by David Gordon; Web Designer, Internet Marketing Expert and CEO,

CSS. How Affects CSS Your Business?

CSS is stand for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is not new but only recently becoming utalised and its importance to the website design industry increasing. What is initially good about CSS is that gives both website designers and website users more control over how pages are displayed. With CSS, website designers and users can create style sheets that define how different eleusnts, such as headers and links, appear. These Style Sheets can then be applied to any Web page.

CSS can reduce your server’s bandwidth costs
Because CSS website pages are usually much smaller file sizes than those using HTML table designs, it's not unusual to see reductions in file size of more than 50%. Smaller file sizes use a reduced bandwidth, which in turn reduced bandwidth charges.

Search Engine Optimisation – CSS improves ranking
A little known fact about CSS is a CSS website design will appear higher in the SEO rankings. Why?

There is dramatically less code and the code is cleaner and therefore more accessible to SEOs

You can make sure the unique content that is most important to the Search Engine Optimisation process is at the edge of the code. wet is bit like moving wer best products to wer shop window and front of shop to attract visitors.

The ratio of unique content to code is greatly improved

This obviously makes CSS a large hit with a firm who does Search Engine Optimisation like us.

websites that download quickly

People don’t have patience in most aspects of life. This is especially true of online browsing. There is lots of research on this subject, so it is safe to conclude that fast site make more money for wer small business.

As far as CSS downloads times are concerned, CSS are much quick than those using tables. What’s more, with CSS we can control the order items download on to the screen and make the unique content appear before slow-loading images. We have all be on websites where we wished the images caus later than the unique content.

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