Designing A Website

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Planning your site

Deciding What Goes On Your Website

Taking a decision on what to put in the site may be one of the most difficult levels of web development. The things that have been analyzed and determined have to be directed into the different aspects of your site. This step should be taken only when the product plan has undergone completion. You need to have a lot of information regarding your users, your monetary objectives and your encounter, including your itinerary and financial plan before you take a decision to find out what occurs on the site.

4 steps to describe the characteristics of your site:

  • Establish your concerns regarding what to include. These should be dependent on your business objectives as well as the requirements of your users.
  • Make an insignificant list that shows what your website can possibly carry out and furnish.
  • Recognize the important aspects in the absence of which your site would not be introduced.
  • Give importance to other characteristics which you want to rope in.

It’s a massive challenge to exemplify the set of characteristics of your website. It’s also an ingenious occasion and an apprehension to manage. Your first duty is to stimulate creativity so as to come up with an elaborative list of the possible aspects you can rope in to your site. Following this, you have to emphasize on discipline to cut down the list to include only important aspects. There’s a single word to describe this and that is political.

company can witness a great deal of conflict among people or departments with regard to what remains and what is executed as far as the list of characteristics to be included in a website are concerned. In such a case, your objective will be to steer this political war with systemized and co-operative procedures to establish the important features.

Establishing your important goals:

You have to agree to the complete the mission and objectives of your site prior to thinking about the characteristics and prioritizing them. This will help you to draw up a sketch with an objective for assessing the characteristics you would like to include.

Drawing up a blue-sky list:

The initial step which comprises of describing the different aspects of your site can be entertaining of all. You along with your team members have to come up with concepts about things that could be done by your site and the different offers. The objective is to rope in all the possible aspects to your site. You’ll soon start creating and polishing concepts to make the site organized, take steps on how it will assist in amusing users, include methods to pull in more revenue and steps to make it unique compared to other challenging sites.

The role of the leader in this journey is to come up with concepts on her very own efforts and also develop a free environment where everyone can share his creativity. This process is however, not as easy as stated by person who has been part of or conducted a poor brainstorming session. Jim Morris, former Director of Software Engineering at Global Sports, Inc. states in a light-hearted fashion that there are possibly three individuals in the world who have the idea of running a “brainstorming session”. He adds it’s very difficult to remain an impartial accumulator of superior concepts.

There’s a single word to describe this method-political.

The outcome of these brainstorming rounds is referred to as a blue-sky list. Although this might appear like a pointless or hopeless effort (since we know that the sky is not that blue and you’ll only make a reformation and make the list confined), it’s vital since you are ignorant where and when the successful concepts will come from.

Your highly successful idea could spring up after a few hours, or after consuming a few dozen doughnuts and a few cups of coffee. It could also come at the end of the day from a junior production assistant adjacent to the copy machine. Such an idea could also emerge at mid night after a week. This innovative method can be complicated. Concepts build on concepts and it’s difficult to give an explanation for this.

We know the fact that exceptional concepts emerge as a result of congregation of individuals from various backgrounds in a room at the same time. Hence, a meeting of people from diverse backgrounds is quite often the best place to begin, even though it may be difficult to get it going.

Recognizing important aspects:

Before you think intensely into arranging things in order of importance in your list, it may assist you if you abandon certain compulsive features, in the absence of which the site will be unable to be rolled out.

In certain cases such important aspects will be apparent. For instance, if you are introducing a business site, there has to be a provision for users to pick out and buy a product. It makes no sense in introducing the site if they are unable to do that. However, for a media site, the important aspects will be less evident.

Hence there is not a single method to recognize these characteristics. However, you can try out a few procedures, especially if the selection is debatable.

There are three methods to recognize the important aspects:

  • Pursue the course of the visitor right from the time he enters your site until he achieves his main objective. The simplified steps that allow this to take place may be your crucial characteristics.
  • Make a comparison between the objectives of the user and the business. The region that overlaps may hold your important aspects.
  • Sketch out all the characteristics based on how convenient and crucial they are. It is possible for the important aspects to be in the top half of the map.

Determining the order of importance of the features:

It would we be wonderful if the world we lived in was flawless, where our entire concepts for crucial aspects would take up a place on to our websites. However, the actual world is plenty of imperfections as we all know. Huge number of websites is heavily restricted with respect to what they can deliver because of factors like time, money and competence.

Hence, the route from your blue-sky list to your ultimate site will witness many strenuous alternatives. Following the examination of the project to its important functionality- the characteristics in the absence of which the site will be unable to function or will not be able to cater to the basic requirement of your visitor, you may still have to prioritize for numerous sessions.

Ask the following questions to yourself for each characteristic-

How crucial is this characteristic?

How convenient is this characteristic to carry out?


There are three crucial elements to take into consideration while grading the significance of a feature.

There are three methods to grade significance:

Requirements of the user

Requirements of the business

Requirements of the organization

User requirements-Ordinary and simple. Your users will not use your site if they do not require it. Hence the first determinant to take into consideration while prioritizing your characteristic list is to find out what your users require or desire. Scrutinize each aspect that is projected and question yourself: Is this a necessity or only likable?

You have the danger of being unimportant in case your site wipes out important steps that the visitor has to achieve. On the contrary, if your site has excessive unwanted features, it may look much bigger than desired, or puzzling. This can be summed up by a West Virginian proverb, which states, "He who attempts too much rarely succeeds."

Business requirements- The other important responsibility which you have to shoulder is the funds. What amount of income should the site produce and what are the features that will stick out the most in the effort? Which features reinforce the other goals of your organization in case income or profit isn’t the objective?

Requirements of the organization: Another determinant which you should not ignore is the site’s role in your organization. The various divisions of an organization will put in appeals or requests on the site. For instance, the marketing department may have to post press releases or human resources may post job openings.

Despite the fact that these objectives may not be ranked highly as far as the priorities of the website are concerned, their diplomatic value along with their convenience to exercise will often add advantage.

Capable of being accomplished with ease:

There are three vital elements to take into consideration while judging how convenient an aspect will be to achieve.

Three methods to judge easiness:

Restrictions on time

Restrictions on budget

Restrictions on staff

Restriction on time: It’s always an excellent idea when you establish a schedule depending on the length of time taken by the work to undergo completion, rather than with the order reversed. However, in actuality, most of the websites have to be developed within a restricted time frame.

It is crucial to be pragmatic about the duration taken by the work to be completed, before you start. Features that are time consuming can be handled later. However, it’s a good idea to plan out these things before you begin instead of struggling when they get difficult to handle.

Restrictions on budget: Money is a prized possession, similar to time. You should always take into consideration while planning out the characteristics. However, take care to give a thought above advancement. There are features with high expenses rendered on maintaining them compared to building.

For instance, some applications need more and superior servers as the site gains popularity. A major chunk of community features need moderators to oversee and lead discussions. Many editorial features need revised matter that costs a lot to produce.

Restrictions of staff: A site will turn out to be as superior as the individuals who built it. In some cases you may not find the appropriate person to develop the site or the features you may require. In such a case, you may go for collaboration with another site or firm to come up with particular features or you may list the features you want till you find the appropriate person.

A prioritization method:

You have to take into consideration the importance of the features and how convenient they are to be developed while prioritizing the features. In certain cases, the producer of the site can get this done in his head by looking at the various alternatives and finally drawing up a conclusion that will face minimum obstacles. Lucky fellow. Many producers have to face greater challenges.

If you are like most of the site producer, who have to assert their decisions on what needs to be retained and eliminated, you need to adopt a systemized method. The prioritization chart (on the left hand side) is a superior equipment (although there are others) that help you to decide upon such things in a public and justifiable manner.

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