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Towards Redesign

Every day you have your Web portfolio posted, you are one day closer to redesign.

Inevitably your work and your identity will outgrow your design in some manner. Changes might be needed to be made structurally in the way you have classified your assets. It may be that changes must be made visually in the themes or colors that are used in the site. Or, there might be technical issues that you have to address which require you to go back and re-slice or export graphics or pages. Whatever the case is, you should plan to redesign your Web portfolio site many times over your careers lifespan.

Other factors may cause you to redesign or re-create your Web site from scratch. A change in tools and technologies might cause you to redesign your Web portfolio simply to explore and learn. Redesign is part of lifelong learning. You’ll realize how much you learned during the Web portfolio development process when you engage in redesign. The second time around developing a Web portfolio will be much easier and you will see that the process becomes part of you.

You start to think about yourself and the identity that you present to your audiences. Redesign gives you an opportunity to reevaluate how you are communicating with your user and to assess the persuasion of your messages. When redesign becomes your focus, it is important that you follow the same steps as when you initially created the Web portfolio. Don’t try to skip over important steps such as creating a content outline just because you think that you already know what goes into the Web portfolio because of your past experience creating one.

You should follow the process of conceptualization and content development when you begin to redesign. Then, you can focus on developing a new visual treatment for the portfolio. During a redesign, it is tempting to go directly to visual design and Web development simply because we are eager to use our new computer skills. But again I must stress that working on paper to develop your ideas and architecture is critical to success.


If you are at this point, you should have a good idea and hopefully a working prototype of a Web portfolio. Once the Web portfolio is created you have a product. The next step in this journey is to launch the product and then promote the product. We need to promote the product to the target audience.

And as we have discussed throughout this text, our usual goal in promoting our Web portfolio is to gain work for hire. Work for hire situations can be considered employment, freelance work, a gallery venue, job promotion, and any other transaction between the Web portfolio author and the Web portfolio user. Now let’s look at launching and promoting your Web portfolio to the world.

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