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Microsoft FrontPage: Pioneers of page designing that is currently used for personal and very small business designs. FrontPage was popular in the 1990's, and it has the basic features for adding text, format text, adding images, layout components, selecting colors, backgrounds etc.

Dreamweaver: Today's most common web building program with widespread use throughout the industry. Dreamweaver has a comprehensive set of tools that provide page design and site management features.

websites are not just what you see, but more importantly, the new technology should actually help your business. A website is supposed to make you money. Dreamweaver has comprehensive and somewhat complicated features which are required to be learned by any budding web designer.

Give Me a website: A nicely designed site, with impressive color combinations, striking graphics, quality content will help your business. The website should provide a valuable service that must justify the expenditure. Our company can build you the highest quality site but we want you to profit from our quality.

The additional services offered by our professional custom website development team for small business are actually designed to make you money. Every click of the button that we click is actually designed to make you profit. The goal is that the wages that we receive should be a drop in the bucket compared to the increased productivity, sales, etc that you will attain for your enterprise.

Defining the services that you want to provide, achieving that goal, and presenting the services to the user should be considered from the outset. The amount of traffic that the site is expecting and the potential profits from that traffic will determine how much money that should be invested on the web creation.

We can add to the site seemingly complicated features that are really simple. These additional features may be what is needed to give your web presence that extra edge.

Here is an example:

Microsoft FrontPage: This web masterpiece allows the vistitor to enter date of purchase, model number, price, miles, date of purchase, automobile details, email and phone number. Within a few seconds detailed information pops up telling the visitor the various tire comparisons and prices of suitable tires for his car.

At the appropriate date, the visitor will get an automated email again showing the various options for his car. We even included an automated phone call reminding the visitor of our tire store and the email.

The manager of the tire store personally phone calls the client to ensure that the customer comes in to the store. Of course, all customers fill out the information when they are in the store, and this website is incorporated as part of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

Web Page Design Companies: Web page design firms are generally have the required experience for creating websites. They design new, customized websites as well as change or redesign existing sites for their visitors. website design firms use technologies like Flash, JavaScript, and DHTML to create professional websites. website design firms are also experts in marketing and promoting the websites, they follow web standards to create easy accessibility, usability, and SEO visibility.

The first step is to determine the objectives of the website and to define the target audience. The next step is to gather the basic unique content for the website, which can include text and photographs.

The Results: We call this a web masterpiece because this campaign made a relatively small regional tire store chain into a national player in a large European country.

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