Sample E-Portfolio Proposal

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The development of an electronic portfolio initiative project requires you to develop a proposal and submit it for approval. There are many facets to an effective proposal. Concerns surrounding the development of electronic port- folio and Web portfolio program may include server space questions, level of student involvement, portfolio design concerns, access questions, actual level faculty involvement, and other issues involving security and plagiarism.

These concerns are extremely important to address with context of each individual institutions staff and resources. It may be difficult to address all issues within a proposal due to the fact that problems are emergent and we can never really anticipate what may or may not happen next. This is especially true in the case of technology and learning. So I have attempted to create a foundation proposal that may be altered and submitted to an academic affairs officer to begin to explain the value of a Web portfolio program and importance of instituting university wide electronic portfolio initiatives.

In the proposal, I do not attempt to outline extensive budgets and resources needed for hosting student and faculty Web portfolios. I omit this information because in most situations the university will turn to the IT department for guidance, clearance, and support of such initiatives. Instead, the proposal outlines some general curriculum scenarios that can be used as suggestions that are intended to focus on user needs and not on technical infrastructure.

Technical infrastructure issues will be handled by IT and final usage by users will probably end up somewhere in between what you wanted and what the IT department wanted in the way of access and space. Most importantly, in the proposal sample I focused on rationale, objectives, and initial staff concerns.

These items can be understood by an academic officer without being overly technical and should ultimately provide a clear picture of how and why an electronic and Web portfolio initiative project will benefit faculty, students, and the institution. Use this proposal as a basis for your own proposal focusing on how the program can be part of technological curriculum integration across disciplines. The proposal is one part of creating the Web portfolio program and an electronic portfolio initiative.

Getting support is another part of the process which requires you to seek out faculty who are interested in getting involved in the initiative and those who want to take the time to learn how to develop Web portfolios so that they can teach and mentor students in their disc iplines. The interweaving of faculty and student activities in building a successful Web portfolio program is crucial to getting support from academic affairs for the initiative. The proposal must ultimately show how faculty will become facilita- tors of Web portfolio development within their own disciplines. To get faculty involved, Web-based tutorial and instructor led training must be discussed in any long-range plan with your faculty technology resource center. Faculty will not be 100 percent involved overnight.

However, with a methodical, sensitive, informative, and structured approach, faculty in all disciplines can be taught how to mentor and teach students how to publish their coursework and other assets in an electronic portfolio. It is critical that the Web portfolio program stress faculty involvement and provide an indication of how faculty will learn and build Web portfolio components into their own pedagogy.

I will try to describe the reasoning behind each section so that you can begin to formulate your own ideas specific to your particular institutional scenario. This project aims to provide the coursework, advisement, and technology resources for teaching all faculty and students how to conceptualize, design, and develop an e-portfolio (an electronic portfolio delivered from the Internet or through CD-Rom/DVD).

The goal is to facilitate student and faculty creation and publishing of e-portfolios across curriculums.


(The rationale should position the initiative and program in the direction of campus wide improvement.) Student portfolios are an important part of academic achievement and professional growth. The skills and capabilities to present accomplish- ments, knowledge, project samples, resumes, and professional identity on the Internet is priceless to graduates searching for career opportunities. In the digital age, the e-portfolio (DVD portfolio or Web portfolio) has become an important tool in helping people succeed in a wide range of disciplines. CUNY Institutions, New York University, and others in higher education nationwide are embracing the e-portfolio.

E-portfolios serve as self-selected, self developed multimedia presentations of student work that offer deep and textured views of a student’s learning and development. Driven by creative expression and college learning experi- ences, e-portfolios provide tangible evidence of growth and accomplish- ment. E-portfolios allow students to present research papers, essays, and academic projects that incorporate text, images, audio, and video.

The e- portfolio can be delivered via the Internet or distributed on DVD or CD- ROM. The disciplines of computer science, art, and education have embraced e-portfolio development most frequently. However, students in all disciplines need an e-portfolio when they leave the university. The majority of all graduating students outside of technically savvy programs do not enter into their career search and first job interview with a Web portfolio or DVD portfolio. This proposal outlines project objectives, curriculum strategy, technology resources, and proposed outcomes for building an exemplary e- portfolio program across all disciplines at GENERIC University.

This project will contribute to the rich tradition of innovative teaching that takes place at GENERIC University. Project Objectives (The objectives are critical to communicating a clear value to the institution, its faculty, and students. Numbered or bullet points should be blatant and complement the existing narrative.)

To attain a 100 percent success rate for e-portfolio development from graduating students in undergraduate and graduate programs across all disciplines. To provide measurable, highly valuable Web design technology skills to students in all disciplines. (“Technology Across the Curriculum.”) To further validate the academic excellence provided by Long Island University by using Web portfolios to provide complementing existing outcomes assessment data with a richer, more individualized portrait of student learning.

To help the world better understand GENERIC University students, their professors and their combined vast academic accomplishments by incorporating many disciplines to support the growth of the “one college” philosophy. To further explore the meaning of diversity at GENERIC University by considering the relationship of education to social and individual identity.

To provide a platform for faculty growth and interdisciplinary faculty development, linking curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and the integration of new technologies into teaching and learning. To develop a student and faculty Web portfolio portal hosted by the GENERIC University Information Technology Department which will showcase exciting student work, providing opportunities for im- proved recruitment, fund raising, and advancing the mission of the University.

The portal will serve as a global village of student and faculty scholarship. To publish an account of this project as an effective model of innovation to the academic community.

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