Planning your site

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Putting forward your objectives

After having ascertained the general alignment of your site or its reconstruction, it’s crucial to understand what you want from it. What do you exactly anticipate your site to achieve? What factual objectives should the site aid you to accomplish?

The objectives will differ themselves based on the kind of site. Whoever you may be and whatever the objectives of your site, you’ll find it important to illustrate success much ahead both for the well-being of the site and your own.

By putting forward your objectives, you’ll accomplish the following:

  • Develop reachable levels of success that can be shared by every member in your team
  • Chart out a fair foundation for making decisions
  • Provide the shareholders of the company a forum where they can put forward their anticipations
  • Pressurize the shareholders of the company to sign off on objectives, relieving the development team to meet them whenever it’s possible
  • Aids to avoid interference by achieving the above

You can achieve both pragmatic and diplomatic intentions by describing and writing down your objectives from the very beginning.

From a practical approach, objectives lead to determinable and positively achievable objectives for the project. The project team can refer back to the time anytime as the project progresses. This will help you to ensure that the project is moving in the right direction and the decisions made along the course of development will back the objectives.

From a diplomatic point of view, these goals will devise a forum in which all the stakeholders associated with the organization will have the freedom to put forward their anticipations and appeals for the site or the redesign. By accumulating the different views on the objectives of the site, combining them into a final list, and then getting these stated objectives approved, the producer establishes herself along with her team and her site up for a favorable outcome. They are now aware of what is anticipated from them and have the independence to do their jobs in an effective manner.

General objectives...

For a fresh site

  • Cuts down phone calls with respect to hours and the locality
  • Cuts down undesirable information by explainifdng what your organization does and does not
  • Enhances sales in outlets or attendance in events with the help of online publicity
  • Transforms the present consumers or members from the offline world into the online world

For a site that is redesigned

  • Increase the number of pageviews following a redesign
  • Increases the number of return users
  • Improves the registration numbers, purchases or other transactions that have undergone completion

What type of objectives?

The objectives for your site will differ based on its target. However, they may contain such things as growing revenue, reducing expenses, pulling in and maintaining more visitors, creating benefits for new clients, cutting down phone calls, developing a mailing list or improving the profile of the company. Your objectives have to cater to two main criteria irrespective of the particulars.

The objectives of the website should be:

  • Appropriate to the objectives of the organization.
  • Fathomable. This will help you to measure their success in a fair manner and also keep an eye on their development.
  • Sensible. This will help the site to gain success

The last point cannot be emphasized adequately. Websites may be effective, however, they are not supernatural. You cannot anticipate them to change all the flaws in your company to a flawless one.

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