Styles Of Website Design

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Styles Of Website Design

The layout of a website is usually decided casually by a website designer. He or she might choose a layout which has been decided based on the images available or on the volume of content the customer wants to provide. Either way, a lot of emphasis may not be paid on the layout. This article outlines some of the common types of website design layouts and their advantages and disadvantages.

Graphic intensive layout:

A layout as outlined below is highly graphics- intensive and provides some very interesting imagery for the viewers. Advantages of such a website design are:

  • There is a story around the product.
  • Has a greater appeal to viewers and thus can hold their interest.
  • Manages to stand out amongst a host of other websites.
  • The website may not display accurately on all web browsers.
  • The pages are graphics- intensive and thus have slower download speed.
  • Such a website is difficult to update on a regular basis.
  • Designers have to be careful while designing such as website since there might be a chance of getting it wrongl.

However, it goes without saying that product websites are best made in this fashion, because it allows the website to add a very effective online sales and marketing tool.

The NO-IMAGES website

  • Very quick to download and thus ends up creating a good impression on the customer.
  • Such a website allows you to focus on the message you want to deliver to your customers.
  • The website looks different from the rest and does not have any fluff.
  • The website can easily be search engine optimized.
  • Some users might like to see graphically intensive websites
  • You might end up putting too much content which might confuse the person viewing the website.
  • The website may start to look a bit stale after some time.

Such website layouts are suitable for design companies, allowing them to display a graphically intensive portfolio, or for companies which have a lot of content to mention on their website.

The Simple Header-Footer Website:

This is probably one of the most common styles of design for websites. The header of the site carries the relevant design, and the rest of the site carries the content. Its popularity is proof of the fact that this layout works well for most people:

  • Such a website is simple to design and implement
  • The layout helps in delivering the message effectively to the viewer.
  • Helps in search engine optimization of the website.
  • Navigation and web page size can be easily expanded.
  • It is easy to get lost in the crowd with such a layout.
  • Very little room for creativity, and the website tends to look like a template.

The complete flash interface website:

Using flash for website design is quite common, and a complete flash layout can also be employed with ease. Some of the advantages of using a full flash interface as a website are:

  • A full flash website has the ability to hold the interest of the user for a longer time.
  • There is a lot of opportunity to showcase creativity in a full flash website
  • You can utilize the power of audio and video on the flash website.
  • It is difficult to do regular updates on a flash website. In most of the cases it has to be done manually.
  • Since a flash website takes time to download, users may loose interest and wander off.
  • Sometimes, the graphics may overpower the content and the message of the website gets lost.
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