Types Of Images Used On A Website

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A picture can speak a thousand words, and this maxim holds true for the internet as well. Images form an important part of website designing. There are many types of images which can be used to create websites. The objective of this article is to outline some of the types of images that may be used on a website.

The images may be defined either technically or by category, but the most important aspect which will be mentioned is the contribution of these images to the development of effective websites.

To the point images: It helps not to beat around the bush. Online users have a short span of attention. Thus it makes sense to use images which relate to the content directly and can convey the message to the user faster. Sometimes it might be difficult to get images which can highlight a point.

At this stage, experienced web designers recommend NOT to use an image at all rather than to use an incorrect image. Usability experts strongly recommend usage of images which have an objective, but NOT using images which do not serve any purpose on the website. Tip: If you find an image which is creatively interesting but does not relate to your content directly, you can add some words to it to draw the parallel.

Low resolution: websites need to have low resolution images. Unlike print media, low resolution images work very well for websites. However, it should be kept in mind that low resolution images should not be stretched too much. If they are, they will become distorted and destroy the overall look and feel of the website.

Icons: Icons are replacing graphics on many websites and one of the key reasons for this is that they are easy to understand. Icons do not distract users and are very light to download. Icons require a bit more creativity and intuitiveness. Icons can also follow a color and design theme and add value to the overall website.

Clip arts and illustrations: Clip arts have been there for a long time and have gone out of fashion due to overuse. However, they seem to be making a slow comeback, as sites are using customized illustrations so that the websites can stand out in a crowd. Using custom illustrations can be an expensive option, but they provide excellent mileage for the money spent.

Using various images on a website is dependant on the creativity of the web designer. He may even use a collage of images to create the look and feel which is attractive as well as manages to deliver an effective message to the viewers

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