Creating a user profile

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A proper of the user brings out a description of your audience intensely. Even though it appears insensible, it’s a valuable weapon for having an idea of your audience. Before you introduce a site, the profile of the user will characterize the visitors you want to pull in. Following the launch, you can carry out a survey to make a confirmation on the assumptions. Five methods to create a profile for your users:




Demeanor and activities

Experience specific to the site

You’ll want to recognize your users and know what they require from you. However, the typical features you’ll focus on will differ based on the focus of your site. Users may be described by some sites with the help of demographics, viewing mainly at age, race, or sex while defining their audience. There are sites that do not attach much importance on the background of people and their activities.

For example, a financial site may not give much importance to age, sex or the income of the visitors as far as there are progressive stock traders. However, all sites have to focus upon what is known as “webographics”. This facilitates you to have an idea of how people use your site so that you can develop it for them in the best possible way.

Demographics-This information which is similar to headcount is generally the first constituent of the profile of the user. This is very simple to accumulate while carrying out an analysis of your users. In case you are developing a site for a particular class of people, which can be residents of a particular city, members belonging to a club, individuals with a certain occupation, you can also find the information in other places. Some places from where you can get important information are census reports, almanacs and professional groups.

The main demographic profile includes the following-
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Geographic location
  • Educational qualifications
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Profession

Webographics- I apologize for the term “webographics”. However, I haven’t discovered another method to elucidate on the experience of individuals with approach towards and conduct on the web. This is important while creating a site. The main webographic profile: Number of years on the web-What’s the duration for which users have been online? Also, how acquainted are they with their way around? Usage frequency-

How often do users use the internet? What’s the duration of each session? Point of access-Do users use the internet from their home, office, school or other places like library, café etc. Usage time-Do users use the web on the week or on weekends? Is it in the morning, or afternoon, or evening? Speed of connection-Do users use the internet through high-speed, always-on access such as a home based cable modem or a T-1 while working, or a dial-up connection? Type of computer- Do users uses a Mac, PC or something else? Do they use a new developed system with a high speed processor or an older system that is having a difficult time to operate?

Browser- Which browser do users make use of and what is its version? Which plug-ins have they installed? Monitor-What is the size and resolution of the monitors of the users? Is it a desktop or a laptop? General behavior on the web- What are the activities of the users on the web? What are the tasks they succeed in doing? Do they buy, contact friends, have a look at the weather or download some software?

Psychographics-These are a little straight to the point. They include approaches, concerns, personality traits and other fluffy determinants that make man a man. There are a number of various factors that might be included under psychographics based on your site’s nature.

For instance, at wired, we always focus upon the so-called “early-adopters”. This is widely used by individuals, especially men, who are the first to experiment with new technologies before they are used by others.

The other psychographic portraits are the Yuppie (young upwardly mobile professionals), the DNK (double income, no kids), and the soccer mom. Feel unrestrained to come up with your own invention.

Conduct and activities- Majority of the websites are activity-based. They are focused upon achieving particular tasks and getting things accomplished. This is why in a majority of the cases, you’ll not be much drawn into identifying your users and knowing their activities online as well as offline. Will they marry shortly? Are they involved in trading stocks? Do they play games on the web? Cook? Ski? Do they throw many parties? Ensure that the profile of your user includes the activities that are considered crucial to your site.

Experience specific to the site- In many cases, you’ll want to attach importance to determinants that are directed towards your business, product or website. For instance, if you own a site promoting a specialized product, you’ll want to elucidate whether you are focusing on potential clients or those who are already owners of the product. In case you are developing a website for a city, for example Barcelona, Spain, are you focusing upon the local or the turista?

Analyzing your users

An excellent way to have an idea for sure about who your users are is to question them. And the most superior method of questioning them is to carry out a survey on your site. You can serve an inquiry with the help of a pop-up window or the main browser window. This can be served to all the visitors of your site or only a certain percentage. The questionnaire in general will be available as a choice and incentives will be attached to those who complete the surveys, which is very exhausting. The answers are accumulated with the help of user input forms and examined later.

Three methods to carry out a survey:

  • Prepare a questionnaire on your own and serve it on your site. Program the code to accumulate user input.
  • Purchase surveying software like the package from Inquisite ( Utilize it for running the survey.
  • Take the help of a research firm while working and allow them to handle with it.

In the same way, if your site concentrates on a specific topic, you would like to elucidate whether you are focusing on experts or a fresher. This doesn’t indicate that you can focus on both. Majority of the sites serve more than one constituency. However, you have to acquainted with the natural fissures within your users. Pick out the group that you consider most important and be specific about the way you are focusing one each one of them.

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