Writing a mission statement

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I have just single clear rule to obey with respect to developing a website. I do not ever commence on my work without having written a mission statement and the objectives of the program.

There is a huge urge to avoid this step, particularly when carrying out the task under time constraint or on a restricted project. You can find it out-I’m aware of what I’m doing and my group also has an idea of what they are doing. I don’t require a mission statement that is conventional. However, you do. Even the tiniest project that can be completed in a few days instead of taking months is served better when you jot down the purpose of the site. Besides, for the relatively important projects like launching a new site or an extensive redesign, it’s dangerous to move ahead without having a mission statement. You’ll come to know that a mission statement is the closest friend of a web team..

Some important aspects of writing a mission statement:
  • Explains what you are building. This helps everyone to have the same perception.
  • Explains the goals. So everyone is in tune with the goals.
  • Helps to avoid the project from going haywire, which a very important danger associated with web projects.
  • Protects you from the impulsive behavior of others by achieving the above.

However, these benefits do not come free of cost. It is extremely difficult to write mission statements as they require to be both brief and to the point besides being expressive, stating the purpose of the site in only a few words. They should be able to describe about what you are doing and for whom.

The points to be included in a mission statement are as follows:

  • Whom does the site belong to
  • What does the site do
  • What makes the site different from others
  • Always remember that the mission statement is meant for your staff and not your clients. There is no requirement for it to appear on the website.

A typical mission statement:

It’s extremely tough to write a mission statement. Hence while writing one for your site; it is helpful if there is a model. Have a look at this Mad Lab-like template:

_________(name of the site) is a ________(include a noun that describes the site) offering___________(mention the kind of services) to _________________(include an adjective describing the audience)______________(include a noun to describe the audience) who ______________(“require” or “desire” to)__________(requirement filled by site). Quite different from competing sites ,which____________(define the competition and focus on the flaws),___________(name of the site) will ___________________(include a purpose that is a verb and differentiate the site from its competition).

The final mission statement will look something like this:

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